Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tidal Surge from Tsunami makes for Great Fishin !

Wow, I have always believed that the more 'inclement' the weather the better fishing it is (and  whale watching!). I talked to several Captains the day after our Tsunami and they all caught a lot of fish. 200# Blue Marlin; 6 Stripe Marlin; 15 Mahi and several other fish caught just on 1 boat! (Rascal out of Maalaea with Captain/Owner Kevin Hogan & Captain John)

Photo courtesy Lucky Strike Charters

I have been selling a lot of fishing trips these last few months. On average the fishing has been really good this whole winter season; better I think than in previous years. All the boats seem to be doing well.

They are calling for some rain, I'm thinking of going out myself with one of the Fishing boats; now is the perfect time.

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