Tuesday, April 26, 2011

400 lb Blue Marlin caught on 50# line

Rascal went out bottom fishing out of Maalaea yesterday on a private charter. They went out early to catch bait; then let their customers catch their own fish before putting out the lines from the boat (a 43 ft bertram) and doing some trolling (sport or big game fishing). When I called at 11:10 AM Captain Kevin couldn't talk as he had a Marlin on the line. An hour and a half later he called to say they caught a 300+lb. Blue Marlin. When it weighed in at the dock it was just under 400 lbs!!

Most boats are on a "tag & release" system; where they bring the Fish in to the boat; tag it on the fin and then let it go.  This particular Blue Marlin came in dead, so they put it on the back deck and brought it in. While many have a favorite recipe for Marlin; my personal favorite is smoking it. So I hope whoever smokes this Marlin brings me some ...-:)

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