Strike Zone Fishing Maui

Owner/Captains Dana & Jay
Strike Zone sport fishing charters on Maui is co-owned by Captain Jay & Captain Dana. Both Captains have lots of experience fishing off Maui. They both used to work for Ocean Activity Center and captained & fished on No Ka Oi III back in the day. (for 20+ years each !)

Since late 2004 they have owned and operated Strike Zone fishing charters and smart boys that they are: Jay & Dana came up with a fising excursion unlike their competitors in that they are the only Maui fishing vessel to do a  "combo" fishing excursion: bottom fishing and sport fishing on the same Maui fishing excursion. *Strike zone fishing charters is also the only fishing boat on Maui that includes lunch. Stike Zone's  Maui fishing charters is perfect for families with children as well as for corporate events as they are 1 of only 2 boats on all of Maui that will take more than 6 people, they even have a "rider" price!

Strike Zone fishing charters runs a 43' Delta licensed to carry up to 38 passengers. The vessel features full walk around decks… so you can bottom fish all around the boat.

 Monday, Wed, Fri & Sat are "combo days" Strike Zones most popular fishing trip. Taking up to 16 people fishing + riders; Strike Zone fishing starts off trolling for the big game fish like Mahi Mahi and Ahi, on their way to the Maui bottom fishing grounds. Once at their fishing spot they will pass out the poles so you can do some bottom fishing on your own. When pau (finished) they pull the bottom fishing poles and put out the boats trolling lines again to do some more sport fishing on the way back to Maalaea Harbor.

Tues., Thurs, and Sundays are now 4 hour bottom fishing trips,  $134./Fisherman $67.00 for a Rider.  While Strike Zone may be one of the slower of the Sport fishing boats on Maui; they do a great job~again these boys really know how to fish.
*I am down at the harbor a lot, be it for fishing or going out on the snorkel & dive boats; & Strike Zone has flags flying just as much as the luxury "big boys" in Maalaea Harbor. **Several of the guys working the fishing boats out of Maalaea have their  "pau hana " (after work) drinks at the local pub right next to my office~  I am always asking about their day out fishing!

6 Hour Bottom Fishing Excursions
Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays
$158.00 Adult Fishing     $138.00 Child Fishing     $73.00 Rider (adult or child)   
Private Sport fishing charters             $1885.00     (12 fishing + 5 riders)
Private Combo with Bottom Fishing   $2,510.00    (16 fishing + 5 riders)

4 Hour Bottom Fishing Excursions
Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays * They have not updated their own website in years. This is the current schedule (not what Strike Zone shows on their site)
$125/Adults        $62.50/Children

* The crew of the Strike Zone Maui fishing charters will clean and fillet your catch of the day for you.
Stephanie Garton/ 1 of my BLOG Readers!

  Aloha ladies, I just wanted to drop a message and say thanks for getting my husband and I on a shared boat last Tuesday with StrikeZone. I really appreciate the extra work you put in finding us a shared boat. I caught my first Mahi Mahi and it was a good looking fish, as you can see in my profile pic! Mahalo

Note: Strike Zone bottom fishing is a good family friendly Maui Fishing boat that is good with kids. Marjorie Ann is one of the few Hawaii Fishing trips that offers both a child rate and lunch! No other fishing boat on Maui feeds you!!

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