Marjorie Ann Bottom Fishing

Bottom Fishing on Maui 
Reservations: 808-879-6260

Marjorie Ann Bottom Fishing out of Ma'alaea Boat Harbor is owned by 2 brothers: Captain Monroe and Captain Kelly.

The brothers have been fishing on Marjorie Ann since 1994; in 2005 the brothers inherited the Maalaea slip from their father (Captain Kimy of the old No Ka Oi III ) then purchased the boat from his partner; the brothers have been running bottom fishing trips off Maui ever since!

* We get the best customer service comments from these friendly and smart young men. They love what they do and it shows!

Bottom fishing can use artificial lures, however Marjorie Ann fishing usually uses bait, normally  squid. Bottom Fishing off Maui is done with the boat stopped, sometimes anchored but usually drifting over “spots” where there is known to be concentrations of fish like Snapper, Amber Jacks, Wrasse, Goatfish, and many others, in relatively shallow water (100-300 ft. deep).

On the way to/from the bottom fishing grounds, Marjorie Ann will Sport Fish for Big Game Fish like Mahimahi (Dorado), Ono (Wahoo), and Ahi (Tuna) while trolling to and from the bottom fishing grounds.

Mahi Mahi caught while Trolling out to the Bottom Fishing Grounds

Once Marjorie Ann gets out to the bottom fishing spots, each passenger is given their own Fishing pole. The crew is happy to instruct beginners on how to use fish by dropping pieces of bait down to the Ocean's Reef. Each fisherman has a chance to catch their own fish!

Most of the fish caught are smaller sized. The tackle is relative light so its a better match. Plus, if you do hook into a big one on light tackle, you are in for a really fun challenge.

On any given day you can expect to catch: Uku (Grey Snapper),  Ta'ape (Blueline Snapper), Papio etc. Goatfish like the Moilua and Kumu are caught less often but are equally tasty.

All Charters are 4 Hours  

Check in at 7:15AM    Departs @ 7:30-11:30A.M. Daily
4 Hour Share boat       $159.00 p.p. 
4 Hour Private boat      $899.00 (1-6 passengers)