Tuesday, May 21, 2013

871# Marlin caught Sunday May 19th

871# Marlin!
We heard a friends boat was coming in with a 871# Marlin, so we went down to check it out!
More details about the angler and the boat when i get them. We were to busy watching everyone trying t weigh this monster fish. The Boat I believe is Punahele; out of Maalaea Harbor. I hear they caught a 700+ Marlin last year or 2 ago also. Sweet!

Today's' fresh Catch & Sunrise images

Aloha, looks like we are seeing more Ono and Ahi running now. Captain Kevin on Rascal sent over some sunrise photos and the catch of the day: 2 Ono. (Wahoo)
Call 888-841-9155 to book your next Hawaiian fishing trip!

Call 888-841-9155 to book your next fishing trip!

Call 888-841-9155 to book your next fishing trip!

Call 888-841-9155 to book your next fishing trip!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Targeting Mahi Mahi this season off Maui

I am happy to say the Sport fishing off Maui this season has been great! Lots of Mahi Mahi!

Aloha, sorry I haven't posted in a while. I seem to have so many projects now days + I just got back from 3 weeks on the "mainland".  Tourists to Hawaii are always asking where we 'locals' like to go on vacation as we already live in 'paradise'.
I normally go see my Mom, then go visit someplace fun. This time around I took my youngest son to Yosemite National Park among other destinations. A different kind of Beauty from Hawaii. We got lucky... the end of April 2013 was perfect weather in my opinion and no crowds at all.

When i got back my e-mail box was full of photos from Kevin @ Rascal Charters. The fishing even before i left had been fantstic! Mahi, Mahi, and more Mahi. a few Tuna and Ono, but mostly Mahi! Averaging 4-10 Fish a day. 20-40#
Go Sport Fishing with Rascal Fishing Charters; We are targeting and catching Mahi Mahi right now May 2013
Mahi Mahi caught off Maui; Rascal Fishing Charters
We had been blowing easterly winds, so Kevin was fishing the back side of Maui out by Kaupo.
While I was gone they came across a floater and brought in close to 15 Mahi.
12 Mahi Mahi; Reservations for Sport Fishing in Hawaii; Call 888-841-9155
12 Mahi Mahi 
FYI: Rascal Fishing Charters has a life boat in case of emergencies. They are also the most luxurious and comfortable fishing vessel to be fishing on. I know, because i go out on the other boats also.
* We caught a 33# Ono on Taipan II, i'd say during the last Halloween tournament, however we caught it after the time was up and we were returning to the harbor. That was a sad day of Fishing as we were the only ones who (would have) caught a qualifying fish. 
** I am going out with Start Me Up again for this Years Spring Wahine Fishing Tournament; we are REALLY excited because the fishing is excellent right now and we hope this Saturday may 18th will be the same!! This year we have revised Jungle rules and we can be at our fishing buoy or spot by 5:30AM.  We are leaving Lahaina @ 2:00 AM!! to go catch live bait for our Tournament. Wish us Luck ! :-)

call 888-841-9155 for your chance to catch Mahi Mahi in Maui, Hawaii

Rascal Fishing Charters targets Mahi Mahi, Ono and Yellow Fin Tuna