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Rascal Fishing Charters tag and release Marlin

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Maui Bottom Fish on Marjorie Ann

Types of Fish caught on a typical day aboard the Marjoire Ann

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Bottom fishing fish photos from the Marjorie Ann, bottom Fishing off Maui Hawaii.  On a previous post I put in photos taken aboard the Marjorie Ann while out fishing. While you obviously have a great chance of hooking up to big game fish, these photos are what you would normally be fishing for on any given day. 

Bottom Fishing aboard the Marjorie Ann is good Fishing excursion for all ages. We see many families as well as groups of men who like to go Fish Hunting together, to couples looking to catch their dinner and enjoy a great day out on the Pacific Ocean!

Unlike Sport Fishing, when you go bottom fishing you are the one fishing, not the boat. You get to real and cast your own pole. This is much more enjoyable for families especially and you are more involved and it is much more interactive fishing.

Family Fun Fishing Charters on Maui.
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Maalaea Harbor Bottom Fishing Charters and excursions
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2 fish caught off Maui Hawaii
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Lots of fresh Fish! Maui Hawaii
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Catch of the Day, hawaii Fishing Excursions
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What to expect on a Hawaii Bottom Fishing Excursion
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Maui Hawaii Ulua Fishing from a boat
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Family Fun Fishing on Marjoie Ann

Marjorie Ann

New Fishing Boat!

Marjorie Ann is one of 2 Bottom Fishing boats on Maui. (not counting a couple of snorkel boats that will fish). Located in the Maalaea Harbor, Monroe, 1 of the 2 brothers that own Maui Fun Charters says that the new boat can hold 10
passengers, however they are currently only taking small groups of 6 guests out Bottom Fishing.

The Marjorie Ann is now a 36' Chesapeake Bay Deadrise style fishing boat with a comfortable cabin, large back deck, and plenty of shade. She was built in Maryland in 2010 and was purchased by Maui Fun Charters in late 2012 to be used for Hawai'i style sport and bottom fishing. She comes equipped with an onboard head, and the latest modern electronics and fishing tackle.

Marjorie Ann offers 4 hour fishing tours. While mainly bottom fishing, the Marjorie Ann and their crew will sport fish for big game fish on the way out to the Maui Fishing grounds. This is your opportunity to catch an Ono or Mahi Mahi (Dorado), maybe even Ahi or Aku (Tuna)

4 Hour Fishing excurstions are $159.00 per person. Private Charters for up to 6 passengers is $899
Bull Mahi Mahi, Dorado caught on Marjorie Ann off Maui Hawaii
Bull Mahi Mahi-Marjorie Ann

large Ono (wahoo) caught in Maalaea Bay
Large Ono (Wahoo) in Maalaea Bay

Aku- Skip Jack Tuna Marjorie Ann Fishing Charters
SkipJack Tuna- Aku

4 Hr. Morning Bottom Fishing Tour.
Maui Fishing Charters Departing at 7:30 AM from Ma‘alaea Harbor Maui Slip #97, Marjorie Ann Fishing excursions take you straight to the Maui Fishing grounds for a chance to hook up big game fish like Mahi Mahi an Ono, maybe even Ahi (Tuna!)

The best part is the crew of the Marjorie Ann will filet up your fresh catch of the day, if you would like to keep your catch for dinner.

Bait, tackle, and the personal attention of the experienced captain and crew are all provided. Small groups for a more personalized trip and plenty of coaching for beginners. The small group size on this Maui Fishing Charter creates the opportunity to try a greater variety of Maui fishing styles including the use of live baits when available. Trips return to Ma‘alaea by 11:30 AM.

Ma'alaea Harbor Slip 97

The Marjorie Ann is docked at Slip 97 in Ma'alaea Harbor, Maui Hawaii conveniently located between South and West Maui. 

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

I have been on vacation for the last 2 weeks, so I have several Sprot Fishing photos to post!

These photos were taken by customers who sent them to Captain Kevin. Unfortunatley i am still waiting for names and dates....
Rascal Fishing Charters on Maui, Sportfishing for Dorado in Hawaii

Rascal Fishing caught Mahi Mahi caught off Maalea Bay Hawaii 2014

Sport Fishing off Hawaii for Dorado

Sunrise at Maalaea Harbor Hawaii as the Fishing boats head out for the day