Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Maui Bottom Fish on Marjorie Ann

Types of Fish caught on a typical day aboard the Marjoire Ann

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Bottom fishing fish photos from the Marjorie Ann, bottom Fishing off Maui Hawaii.  On a previous post I put in photos taken aboard the Marjorie Ann while out fishing. While you obviously have a great chance of hooking up to big game fish, these photos are what you would normally be fishing for on any given day. 

Bottom Fishing aboard the Marjorie Ann is good Fishing excursion for all ages. We see many families as well as groups of men who like to go Fish Hunting together, to couples looking to catch their dinner and enjoy a great day out on the Pacific Ocean!

Unlike Sport Fishing, when you go bottom fishing you are the one fishing, not the boat. You get to real and cast your own pole. This is much more enjoyable for families especially and you are more involved and it is much more interactive fishing.

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