Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Shore Fishing (for Bait Fish)

My girls can out fish any guy on the Island! I am joking but only barely, my daughter and her girlfriends have been fishing just as long as the boys~since they were old enough to follow daddy & hold a pole. (daddy also loved to free dive and catch lobsters, 7-11 Crab and other fish; however that's a whole different post; so is picking limu and Opihi).

When we go to the Island of Moloka'i my daughter has her favorite spots they like to fish (her & her boyfriend), she also knows just where to get the biggest Opihi. On the Island of Lana'i we love to camp at Hulopo'e Bay camp grounds and they can fish for bait during the day along the lava rocks with the smaller children, then set out their poles while we set up the BBQ & dinner. * the bait fish that do not pass Dustin's inspection get cooked for pupus (appetizers) on the BBQ.

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