Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Night fishing for Ulua; Giant Trevally

The Locals love to fish every chance they get. Every weekend & holiday is an excuse to go fishing. When I ask my (adult) children if they are going camping this weekend, I am scolded and told they are going Fishing! not camping :-).
Ulua (Giant Trevally) fishing is done at night on large poles set in pvc pipes> into the lava rock or beach. Ulua can get to be about #200; however average is 20-50# .

They fish during the day for "bait fish" small 4-10 inch kine; used at night for their Ulua poles. (these poles are not cheap, nor the reals they use) The "boys" take their bait out on surfboards or Kayaks around sunset *when you really don't want to be in the water; drop the bait & leave; a plastic jug floats on top of the water. They attach big (cow) bells to the poles and then kick back and wait for the bell to ring. Then you never saw so many people getting excited when those bells start ringing! Me included......this post is from a mothers aspect; I watch, I listen and I eat the fish :-)

I spent the morning coming "my girls" facebook photos looking for "fish photos" i could post here. I know my sons have plenty! and so do the others however getting a hold of said pictures is another thing all together. I think you will like the ones I did find. My son Tim caught a #40 off Lana'i when we were camping 2 years ago.

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