Sunday, May 22, 2011

Strike Zone sport fishing Maui has a very consistant record

The guys at Strike Zone Sport fishing have been fishing off Maui for years. I see flags flying on a regular basis. I sent a couple out with strike zone fishing charters last week (and others too~ I am just waiting for PHOTOS people! ). Stephanie made a point  to find us on facebook and wrote on our wall to say how much she enjoyed Fishing with Strike Zone sportfishing and she had caught a Mahi Mahi. 
"Aloha ladies, I just wanted to drop a message and say thanks for getting my husband and I on a shared boat last Tuesday with StrikeZone. I really appreciate the extra work you put in finding us a shared boat. I caught my first Mahi Mahi and it was a good looking fish, as you can see in my profile pic! Mahalo" ~Stephanie Garton

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