Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Fish policy for 'shared' charters

A captain/crewmember with Rascal Fishing Charters, Jack fillets up a Mahi Mahi for a customer. Most fishing boats now days will cut at up at least 1 fish for customers to cook at their Condo, regardless of who caught the fish-everyone gets to take home part of the catch.

There is 1 fishing company that will give the angler who caught the fish, the actual whole fish, to keep. However if you would like to have a crew member fillet the fish for you, they charge a certain price per pound. (aprox. 2.50 #)
For some, like the locals who live on Maui, or those only interested in the Sport of Fishing only, this can be a good thing; others who really want fish to cook for dinner may choose a different fishing outfit instead. Call 1-888-841-9155 toll free for free information and tips for choosing the right fishing boat for you.

A Happy customer has 'plenty fish' to cook up for Dinner.

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