Sunday, October 11, 2009

Aku are featured prominently in Hawaiian mythology

Although there are many types of Tuna, here in Hawaii we see mainly:Big Eye Tuna: Ahi po`o nui, (Ahi) Yellow Fin Tuna: Ahi, and the favorite of most Hawaiians themselves is the Skip Jack Tuna: Aku, which features prominently in Hawaiian mythology.

While doing a bit more research for this article, I came across a great web site
for anyone interested in old Hawaiian fishing practices. The Hawaiians knowledge of currents, fazes of the moon and how to fish for each individual type of fish is simply amazing.

Aku tend to feed in schools near the surface and the fishing can be fast and furious. Ahi are known for their strength and fighting prowess and present a challenge to even the most experienced fisherman.

Aku caught in Hawaii routinely range between 4 and 15 pounds in round weight, with larger fish (16 to 30 pounds in round weight), moving into Hawaiian waters during the summer season. (April-September).

Aku has a firm flesh that is deep red in color. The flesh color varies with the size of the fish, with smaller fish having a lighter red color; which is why the larger aku are preferred for raw fish preparations, such as sashimi, requiring a nice red meat.

For big time sport-fishing excitement, the Aku is best known for live-baiting Blue Marlin.

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