Sunday, October 4, 2009

Mahi Mahi are as beautiful as they are exciting to catch

Popular name: Dorado or Dolphin fish

Mahi Mahi are one of the most beautiful fish to catch as well as one of the most exciting, with lots of surface action! Make sure to grab your video camera or cell phone when you have one of these big boys hooked up. Mahi is one of the most abundant fish in Hawaiian waters, and while out trolling for Marlin, big game fishing boats often find nets in the water, surrounded by lots of Mahi Mahi. When you hear of a boat coming in with about 20 fish, chances are they found a cargo net. This can be some of the best fishing, as you are simply bringing in one after another; then call your friends for a fish fry or Hawaiian style BBQ.

Mahi Mahi means strong in Hawaiian. The best time to catch these fish is Sept.-May, usually peaking in March-May and Sept.-November. Mahi do not live long, only averaging about 4 years, however they propagate quite prolifically! The average size is 10-30 pounds, with the male/bull having a particularly large, bulbous forehead.

The meat is firm, light pink and has a mild sweet flavor. While alive its colors are a brilliant silvery blue, with golden yellow tones; these colors fade quickly when the fish dies.
*photo is Captain John of Rascal fishing charters 2-4-2010

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