Monday, September 22, 2014

Storm makes for good fishing in Hawaii

Recent storm makes for good deep Sea Fishing!

While Maui may not have seen the "Huricane or the Tropical Storm that was expected to hit Maui a few weeks ago, it did hit he Big Island pretty good and that left a lot of debree in the water. Hawaii Fishing boats love to come accross floating logs and nets. Fish will hang out by the nets, just waiting for you to catch them.

Captain Kevin told me last week after a charter that he probably could have caught close to 100 more than he brought in (that day was 9 Mahi, 8 Tuna and Aku and Ono)! However the customers who chartered the boat were ready to come in on time. {I was like, "R U Serious!?"}

You (my readers) and I... we just wish we could be on the boat when 'they' are reeling in that many fish!

Rascal Charters Mahi Mahi , Hawaiian sport fishing

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