Monday, July 11, 2011

There's a lot of Marlin out there !!

Captain Kevin from Rascal Fishing Charters called me this morning; he says they tagged another Pacific Blue Marlin before 8:00am! Yesterday he tagged 2 Marlin + brought in Mahi Mahi and a small Tuna (Ahi). The day before that he caught Mahi & Ono.
I haven't had a chance to call the other boats to see what they are catching. I am building a couple of more blogs: Maui Ziplines blog & Maui Restaurants.
UPDATE: 11:30AM Captain Kevin says he tagged 1 more Marlin + had 2 more bite; and they caught several small Tuna (Ahi). The Rascal is still out fishing; they are on a 6 hour "shared" charter due in at 12:30pm.

PS: Thanks for the Smoked Marlin ! I am eating it as I write this..... I happily accept fish bribes :-)

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