Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Rascal catches 2 Mahi Mahi

Rascal had an 8 hour scheduled and there were 3 spots left, so I got to go out with them last Friday. Around 10:20 all of a sudden 2 lines went zinging, the sound every fisherman loves to hear! We caught a 16# and 20# Mahi Mahi (Dorado to you mainlanders). This time we went out to the HS buoy, then around the backside of Kahoolawe, going all the way around. We didn't catch the fish at the buoys however, we caught them on the way out, several miles south of Molokini.

Fishing can be quite exciting and while waiting for the Fish to bite, the views are incredible and you never know what you will see in terms of False Killer Whales, Dolphins etc.

OK, now check out the Video of the Escaping Mahi. It was in the fish bag, however not zipped up, as they were bringing in a 2nd Mahi. I chose not to put this one on our FaceBook page as it's a bit bloody.....

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