Sunday, September 6, 2009

Ono are impressive predators with razor sharp teeth

Popular Name: Wahoo

The Ono is a long, narrow and powerful fish that averages about 4-6 feet in length, and weighs about 15-60 pounds. With it's razor sharp teeth, the ono is an impressive predator that can swim up to 50 miles and hour and can attack both lures and bait with lightening fasts strikes, making them a favorite fish to hook up to. It's sharp teeth are perfectly designed for slashing, with the jaws working more like a pair of scissors.

The back is an iridescent bluish green; the sides are silvery with cobalt blue vertical stripes.

*Thank you to Tad and Cindy Lucky of Lucky Strike Charters for this photo taken on one of their fishing Charters.

Ono tend to be a solitary fish and their diet consists mostly of other fish (those teeth are good for bottom fishing) and squid. We do not see many Ono during the winter months.

Ono means 'Delicious' in Hawaiian and boy is it ever! Like Mahi Mahi, there are plenty of ways to prepare Ono. Ono has firm white meat and can even be cooked on the grill with just a little oil on it.

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